Is a steam cleaner even worth it?

Many households and families have certainly already thought about buying a steam cleaner or steam mop. If you are to believe the advertising, steam cleaners are simply indispensable for cleaning at home. It is said that cleaning is very easy and hygienic. Further, the advertisement says that one can save thereby very much money, since one needs no more additional cleaning agents and therefore this kind of cleaning is also still environmental careful. The manufacturers can promise a lot. In this article, we will try to clarify whether this is really the case. The fact that dirt can be removed with steam is actually nothing new and has therefore been known for several decades. In the US alone, steam cleaners have been known for more than 15 years and therefore this is not really a new invention.

Steam cleaners and useful accessories

Although steam cleaners have been around in the country for quite some time, they didn’t really become established in the beginning. But that soon changed abruptly. Because suddenly there were steam cleaners on every shopping channel to buy and were very intensively advertised there. This made steam cleaners popular all of a sudden and it was said that they could be used to clean windows, floors or even car upholstery in no time at all. Shortly afterward the first steam irons were available. But only with the right accessories can a steam cleaner be used effectively and easily in the household. So if you want to buy a steam cleaner, you should definitely look out for a wide range of accessories. It should be included in any case: Nozzles with a brush attachment, spot jet nozzles, floor nozzle, microfibre cleaning cloths.

How to clean with a steam cleaner

In general, three factors can be identified for a good cleaning with a steam cleaner. The temperature, the condensation of the steam particles and the mechanical action of the steam blast. With a good quality steam cleaner, the steam is shot from the nozzle at up to 180 kilometers per hour onto the surface to be cleaned. This allows the dirt to be very easily removed mechanically. The steam temperature also plays a decisive role here. One can quite simply say here that the higher the steam temperature, the less mechanical energy has to be used to dissolve the dirt. The steam during cleaning is so fine here that it can easily get under the dirt and therefore reaches even the smallest crack and pore. When the steam now cools down again, it condenses to water and thus simply removes the dirt from the substrate. This means that other cleaning agents can be dispensed with.

Steam cleaners and the environment

The steam cleaners are advertised by the various manufacturers as very environmentally friendly by doing without any cleaners. In principle, this is true, because when cleaning with a steam cleaner you no longer have to use chemical cleaners in the household. Therefore such cleaning is also very well suitable for allergy sufferers. The water consumption of a steam cleaner also remains within tolerable limits. Up to 1,700 liters of steam are produced from one liter of water. Thus one can clean a relatively large surface in only one work step at once, without having to refill water. But not all experts share this opinion that a steam cleaner is very environmentally friendly. Although chemical cleaners are no longer needed, water must first be heated. In order to bring the water to a high temperature, it needs a lot of energy and this energy must first be generated. So it usually needs a lot of electricity to be able to use the steam cleaner. Therefore, the type of power generation also plays a role in connection with the environment and a steam cleaner. Here you should really only rely on high-quality equipment.

Steam and allergies

Advertisements often show that you can easily remove mites from your mattress with a steam cleaner. But it’s really not that simple and is therefore only a pure advertising promise. One would have to steam a place on the mattress for a very long time so that some mites die. Then however this place would be also totally wet and such a humidity does no mattress well. Large mark manufacturers such as K√§rcher do not recruit therefore with such promises. Despite this fact, a steam cleaner can still be something for allergy sufferers. Since chemical cleaners can be dispensed with here, one does not need to worry as an allergy sufferer about any incompatibilities of certain substances in the cleaning agent.

Advantages for the family

Especially for families with children, a steam cleaner can be the right alternative. For children, in particular, it can make sense to do without chemical cleaners. Here no chemical residues of the cleaners remain on the surfaces after the cleaning and this benefits especially small children. By the renouncement of chemical cleaners, there are also no more colored bottles around in the household, which have an attracting effect on children. Thus one can effectively avoid that children confuse any cleaning bottles with drinks.

Steam cleaners and safety

For families with children, the safety of a steam cleaner is also of great interest here. Because the steam develops temperatures of up to 140 degrees Celsius and this can quickly lead to injuries in the case of a deficiency. When water is heated, it expands and the water container in the steam cleaner is also under pressure. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the processing and safety of a steam cleaner. If the appliance is a good one, the steam pistol has an extra child safety lock and the water tank can only be opened when the pressure has reached a correspondingly low value. If the pressure is still too high, the water tank cannot be removed.

A steam mop as a household helper

Most advertising for a steam cleaner revolves around the versatility of cleaning. You can use steam to clean all kinds of surfaces such as parquet, laminate, tiles or even in the kitchen. The use of steam can also be very advantageous when ironing laundry. With the right accessories, you can clean almost any surface in the household today. The cleaning effect depends however here often on the used equipment and its used microfiber cloths.

Steam cleaner Cleaning tips

With a few cleaning tips and a good steam cleaner, you can achieve very good cleaning results today. In any case, the microfibre cloth should be changed and cleaned regularly. If you want to clean a floor made of laminate or parquet, you should make sure that you can adjust the amount of steam emitted continuously. Stainless steel fittings and surfaces also require appropriate accessories. In the bathroom, it is recommended to use so-called point jet nozzles and a brush attachment. For stainless steel surfaces, the nozzles should be covered with plush velour. With many mark manufacturers, an extensive accessory is even standard.

Window cleaning and glued floors

When cleaning a windowpane, it is important to note that the water vapor condenses quickly on the pane. If the dirty water now runs down, this can quickly dirty the window sill or even the carpet. Even if you have glued floors in your own four walls, you should be careful here. Because the hot steam can not only dissolve dirt here but also in bad cases the adhesive of the floor is also dissolved. With PVC floors, the hot steam can also cause discoloration of the surface.