Steam Cleaners are Great

A clean apartment not only looks better but is also important for your own well-being. But do you sometimes have the feeling that carpets or floors become superficially clean despite all your efforts, but not deep clean? A steam cleaner should help here. In contrast to high-pressure cleaners, steamers work with slightly lower temperatures and lower water pressure. The hot steam, usually about 250°F hot, dissolves stubborn and above all greasy dirt from floors, home textiles, and furniture. Also, bacteria and germs can be defeated by hot water vapor.

What can steam cleaners be used for?

Steam cleaners are really versatile. You can use it to clean floors, upholstered furniture, and even windows!

Steamers are available in various designs. The most fashionable are handy steam brooms, which hardly differ in appearance from a conventional broom or mop. They are primarily intended to make floors easy to clean. A further type connects a steam cleaner with a vacuum cleaner. Dirt is loosened and then sucked in directly. Small steam ducks should steam off furniture and, for example, clean the sofa or armchair pore-deep. Floor steamers are somewhat larger and consist of a large water container and a steam nozzle.

The working method

Steam cleaners work with steam and pressure. A tank is filled with water, which is heated to at least 200 degrees. It then evaporates. The steam dissolves dirt from the floor or from textile fabrics. The pressure also lifts the dirt and presses it out of the surface. In this way, it can be absorbed.

Advantages of steam cleaners

Cleaning with hot steam can have some advantages:

  • With just one appliance you can clean many surfaces such as floors, windows, kitchen worktops, and even furniture.
  • The steam removes grease, lime, and dirt.
  • Hygienic cleaning is possible without chemicals and without great effort. You do not need any additional cleaning agents.
  • The water vapor also binds dust instead of whirling it up. Cleaning with steam is therefore also recommended for house dust allergy sufferers.

Things to consider

If you want to clean your apartment thoroughly with a steam cleaner, there are a few things to consider when buying:

  • To avoid scalding, the cleaner should have a separate refill tank or work as a continuous flow heater.
  • Pay attention to technical seals of approval
  • The cleaner should be suitable for the surface you want to clean. The larger the surface, the larger the steam mop should be.

Pay attention to the steam temperature. Small ducks often work with rather low temperatures of 100 degrees – if the humidity hits the fabric, it has usually already cooled down to 80 degrees. If you want to clean the fabric hygienically, you should rather opt for a steamer with higher working temperatures.
The higher the pressure, the better dirt can be removed. However, not all materials can withstand the maximum pressure. Prefer pressure cleaners whose pressure can be regulated.

Steam cleaners are suitable for almost all surfaces – but not for unsealed floors. Parquet and oiled wood floors and cork floors should, therefore, be cleaned in the traditional way.

Here are some more cleaning tips!